What is included on each tour?

There is always something included at each stop whether it’s a pint, a cocktail, sample flight, tours, etc. Food is only included on one tour, the Beer Titans History Bus Tour. Detailed inclusions are described in each itinerary on the Eventbrite reservation pages. Just click on the “Details, Dates and Reservations” button that is associated with the tour your interested in.



Do you offer private or chartered tours?


Absolutely! We run a 14 passenger bus in Madison and another 14 passenger bus in Milwaukee. For groups over 14, we charter buses for private tours. If you are looking at one of our public tours on a Thursday thru Monday and you’d like to book that tour, you can reserve every seat on that tour to make it private, if they are all available.

You can also call or email to book your private tour. To get a price quote after your first email, we’ll need to know the number of people in your group (many people are unsure of exact numbers so a range of expected attendance will work), the date you’d like your tour and the specific tour you’d like to book. If you are unsure which tour, please visit one of our public bus tour pages to view what kind of tours we offer.



Are the drinks unlimited at each stop?


No, they are not but we have rarely had any complaints that there wasn’t enough included on a tour. Just take a look at our reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp or Google and you’ll find that our guests find that we provide alot of value in our tours.

If you are signing up hoping to get hammered, this is not the tour for you. In fact, visibly intoxicated guests will not be served any more alcohol. Also, if a guests’ drunken or obnoxious behavior interferes with the other guests enjoyment of our tour, we reserve the right to remove them from the tour. However, that has never happened because generally, we get pretty cool people on our tours!



Is food included?


Only one tour, the Beer Titans History Bus Tour includes food. However, most tours include a stop that has food available. Please inquire if you are unsure if a tour includes a stop that offers food.


Do you do tours for bachelor or bachelorette parties?


We do but with caveats. We make sure that these groups know that we offer tours, not party buses. We work very hard to establish and maintain our relationships with our tour stops and If we start bringing really drunk, loud, obnoxious, rude, etc groups, that may tell us to take a hike and go somewhere else. We haven’t had to end a tour yet because of this type of behavior but if things get out of hand, we will end a tour and we will not refund your money.

Many parties book onto public tours far in advance so many times we don’t even know that a bachelor or bachelorette party is attending. And interestingly, we get far more bachelorette parties than bachelor parties.


Can we drink on your bus?


Our buses are not licensed to allow drinking on board and we are not pursuing that licensing. This is primarily because it is not necessary to drink in between stops and is not in line with the type of atmosphere we provide. We will also not charter a bus specifically so a group can drink in between stops. If that is the type of event you’re looking for, we’re happy to give you recommendations for bus companies that provide charter services, just ask!


I booked a tour but now I can’t make it. Can I get a refund?


Things come up, life happens, we understand. For public tours, we are happy to provide refunds for cancellations with 14 days notice. If it’s within 2 weeks of the tour, we can transfer your reservation to another tour of your choice. The reason we don’t offer refunds within 2 weeks of a tour is that your reservation for 2, 4, 6 or more people took seats out of our inventory for that tour and may have led to another group of people not booking because there were not enough seats on the tour. But hey, we’re reasonable people, give us a call and let’s figure something out!