The Thirsty Historian - Munich, Germany

Traveling not only allows you to see the world, but expand your own. The Thirsty Historian takes a unique approach that sets it apart from other companies. Private, personalized agendas allow you to experience Munich and the surrounding areas on your terms. From the major tourist destinations to intimate biergartens, you will get the most memorable, personalized and authentic experiences that last a lifetime.

The Maine Brew Bus - Portland, ME

The Maine Brew Bus
The Maine Brew Bus was founded in September 2012 by Zach and Allison Poole, who realized that people in Portland might enjoy a guided safe ride to drink local beer at different small producers. Maine’s Original Brew Bus company began by offering tours on Saturday afternoons to a handful of breweries in the Portland area. 
The all-inclusive tours on bright green school buses provide a behind-the-scenes look at Maine’s craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, and more. Tours are led by expert guides in addition to a knowledgeable non-drinking driver to ensure the best possible experience for participating guests as well as for the businesses with which they partner. 
The first summer proved that Maine’s original Brew Bus was very popular tour with locals and visitors alike. Exciting tour routes were added on weekdays, and newly opened breweries embraced the idea of having “The Green Bus” stop by so that guests could taste and tour at their facilities. 
By the time the first anniversary of the company rolled around, nearly 1,500 guests had taken tours and The Maine Brew Bus had become the #1 Tour in Portland as rated by TripAdvisor users – an enviable position that they maintain to this day. The fleet now includes three 13-passenger buses and 10 additional staff members, and drove well over 5,300 guests from around the globe to “drink local” during 2016. 
The Maine Brew Bus offers regularly scheduled and private tours in Greater Portland and Southern Maine. Some tours are partnered with local minor-league baseball and basketball teams and include game tickets as part of the tour package. They also offer frequent specialty and adventure tours, such as the popular Birds on Tap – Roadtrip! series, the Zymurgy Home Brew tour, History of Portland Beer tour, local Coffee Roaster tours, and the popular Progressive Beer Dinner series. 
In 2014, 2015, and 2016, The Maine Brew Bus was presented the coveted TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” for outstanding guest reviews. They also received an Editor’s Choice award by Down East Magazine as a “2014 Best of Maine” recipient, and were selected for Portland Buy Local and Entreverge awards in 2015. 

The Mass Brew Bus - Boston, MA.

Mass Brew Bus
Join us on The Mass Brew Bus for a unique experience showcasing Massachusetts booming craft alcohol scene. We offer regularly scheduled and private all-inclusive tours in Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts on bright green school buses that provide a behind-the-scenes look at Massachusetts craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, and more.
Tours are led by knowledgeable guides in addition to a dedicated non-drinking driver to ensure the best possible experience for participating guests as well as for the businesses with which we partner. All tours feature a local snack or meal, trivia, behind-the-scenes experiences, and of course delicious beer and beverages!
New England’s Original Brew Bus was established in 2012 in Portland Maine, and since then has welcomed over 9,000 guests aboard to explore Maine’s alcohol producers. In 2013 we became the #1 TripAdvisor Tour and Activity in Portland, a position we maintain to this day.
We moved some buses South and are excited to offer this same type of experience in Boston Massachusetts. The alcohol scene is booming in and around Boston, so what better way to explore and learn about the industry.
Check out tour offerings and schedule today, and we look forward to Driving You to Drink Local!