Planning Your East Coast Brewery Tour

If you’re a homebrewer, you’re always looking for new inspiration for your next batch of beer. You might have a favorite brewery that you frequent, and that can be a great way to get ideas for new flavors and varieties of beer. However, it’s always good to expand your horizons and visit other breweries, and speak with other brewmasters and patrons who love all types of beer. In this post, we’ll look at some East Coast breweries that you should add to your list of places to visit for new ideas!


The craft beer industry in Virginia has boomed very quickly from just a handful of craft breweries a couple of years ago to more than 200 famed breweries.

Starr Hill Brewery

This award-winning brewery is nestled in the small town of Crozet, VA. It was founded in the late 1990s, and it is well known for its Front Row Golden Ale, Northern Lights IPA, and JOMO Vienna-Style Lager. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and try a beer or two!

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Lost Rhino Brewing Company is located in Ashburn, VA, just under an hour outside of D.C.. They have a great lineup to choose from, including the Rhino Chasers Pilsner and the Meridian Kolsch. Their seasonals include a Dark Czech Lager and a Session IPA. You can also find limited release beers, and be sure to ask about their Genius Loci Series.

North Carolina

Heading south from Virginia, we take a look at some of the best breweries in the Tar Heel State. North Carolina boasts the largest number of craft breweries in the American South, with more than 320 breweries and brewpubs.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Nestled in the northern part of the state in Boone, NC, Appalachian Mountain Brewery has an outstanding selection of beers. The Boone Creek Blonde Ale is named for the creek along which the brewery is built, and the Spoaty-Oaty is perfect for anyone who loves American-style Pale Ales. The head brewer, Nathan Kelischek, is an alumni of Appalachian State University’s Fermentation Sciences program, and the brewery sponsors students who are interested in brewing through internships and collaborations with the university.

Fullsteam Brewery

Located in the heart of Durham, NC, Fullsteam Brewery buys ingredients from local farmers for their brews. The results of these local ingredients are beers such as the Paycheck Pilsner, the Humidity Pale Ale, and the Working Man’s Lunch Brown Ale. They pride themselves on their Southern-style beers, and if you’re ever nearby, why not stop in and try one or two?


Now heading north of our home state, let’s look at some of the best breweries in Maryland.

Jailbreak Brewing Company

Situated in Laurel, MD, Jailbreak Brewing Company has a 16,000 square-foot brewing facility that is in full view of the tasting room. Founded in 2013 and getting fully up and running in 2014, Jailbreak has been making delicious beers like the Big Punisher Double IPA, the Feed the Monkey Hefeweizen, and the Poor Righteous American IPA for nearly four years.

1812 Brewery

The 1812 Brewery in Cumberland, MD lives up to its name, as it’s housed in a repurposed barn that was built in the year 1812. It’s also the first and only farm brewery in Allegany County, and with a lineup that includes the Maddy Golden Ale, the Pack Saddle Double IPA, and the Wheeler’s Irish Stout, there’s a choice for every taste.

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The Green Mountain State is home to many breweries, and there are some gems nestled among the lush hills and acres of mountain terrain.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Located in Shelburne, VT, near the shores of Lake Champlain, sits Fiddlehead Brewing Company. Their beer selection often rotates, but you can always find well-balanced beers that provide a unique taste experience. They offer a Belgian-inspired Witbier, a double IPA, and an unfiltered session ale that pairs well with pizza. If you find yourself in Shelburne, stop by and try a few pints!

New Hampshire

If you’re making your way up the East Coast, and you find yourself in New Hampshire, then you might have a hard time deciding which brewery you will visit. There are plenty to visit, and you could spend a week traveling around to all of them!

Oddball Brewing Co

This brewery located in Suncook, NH, is only open Friday through Sunday, so if you want to stop by, you’ll have to plan accordingly. Their Suncook Lager is a pre-Prohibition style lager that is made with corn instead of rice, which gives it a crisper flavor. The Nymph Belgian Blonde using New Zealand and Japanese hops, and the Albino Moose IPA is a bit of a different take on a traditional India Pale Ale. They also have some seasonal beers, so depending on when you’re there, you can try a few different types.


Once you’ve reached Maine, you’ve reached the end of the line when it comes to the East Coast, and the only thing you can do is turn around and head back, or continue on into Canada. While you’re in Maine, why not find a craft brewery and enjoy a tasty beer or two?

Orono Brewing

Situated in Orono, ME, Orono Brewing Company is open seven days a week, so no matter when you’re there, you can try one of their beers. The Thelma Cabernet Barrel-Aged Saison is made with Belgian DuPont Saison yeast, and the primary fermentation takes place in stainless vats. The secondary fermentation occurs in California cabernet oak barrels, and the flavor offers fruity, spicy, and jammy notes. You can also try the Tiger Style Fierce Pale Ale, the Bog Monster DIPA, and many other varieties.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our trip of the East Coast and all of the breweries that we’ve noted over the past couple of months. If you’re ever near any of these spots, we hope that you’ll stop in and try some of their beer. Who knows? You may taste something that inspires you to go home and brew something you’d never thought of before.

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If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip up and down the East Coast in the near future, visiting as many breweries and trying as many beers as you can, then hopefully this list will help you get started.

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